Below is a procedure on how to Buy "1gb Mtn Data Plan". Other of our products can be bought using similar process

It only takes four simple steps which includes

1) Search for the item you want to buy and Click it. You'll be redirected to the product page

2) Input the Phone Number you want the Data Plan on (If buying a Data Plan) & type in the Quantity needed. Click the "Buy Now" button to continue

 how to order1



3) At this stage, you'll need to Login (Returning Customers) or Create an account (New Customers)



how to order2



4) Once you're logged in, Fill in your Address, Choose your Preferred Payment Method & tick the "Terms & Conditions" box. Lastly, click the "Pay Now" button to submit the order. Depending on the payment method you choose, you'll be redirected accordingly to make the payments.



how to order3



That's all it takes to make a Purchase. Simple & Short, Isn't it?

Go make your Purchase Now!!!

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