Colour Filled Debossed 1/2" Wristbands

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75.00₦ 75.00 MOQ 500 pieces
₦ 70.00 MOQ 2501 pieces
₦ 65.00 MOQ 5001 pieces
Weight: 0.008 kg


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With color filled wristbands, we take the standard debossed wristbands and add an extra layer of color. We fill the recessed areas of your wristband design -- the words or logo -- with paint to provide a striking contrast to the wristband. The colored paint makes your design seem to pop off the wristband! Color filled wristbands provide a head-turning look that's visible from a distance. We offer a variety of colors to choose from for both the wristband AND the paint, so mix and match colors to find something that works best for you. Choose color filled wristbands when you want to add another layer of color to your design

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