Embossed 1/2" Wristbands

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125.00₦ 125.00 MOQ 100 pieces
₦ 115.00 MOQ 250 pieces
₦ 100.00 MOQ 500 pieces
Weight: 0.008 kg
Width: 12 mm
Length: 202 mm
Height: 2 mm

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Are you looking for something different from the standard debossed wristband? Choose embossed then.

In an embossed wristband, the design is raised above the surface of the band. Its the direct opposite of the debossed design. This helps your design stand more! You can Order our Custom Embossed wristbands in your choice of colours. These colours can be solid, segmented or swirled around the band. Our wristbands are made from 100% medical-grade silicone.

Do you want to look unique & different?

Try our Embossed Designs then by clicking the "Buy Now" Button!


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